Social Tools: Generating Value

Social Tools: Generating Value

While the percentage of companies adopting social technologies remains high, it has plateaued, according to McKinsey & Co.

Respondents to its latest survey have for the first time reported no growth in the share of organizations deploying such technologies.

Yet the results suggest these technologies can facilitate substantial organizational change, provided that companies approach social tools as they would any large-scale transformation. Indeed, the companies reaping the greatest benefits from social interactions with both internal and external stakeholders already implement the key practices that support organizational change more comprehensively than all others do.

Eighty-two percent of respondents say their companies use at least one tool (compared with 83 percent in 2012), and 67 percent report the use of at least one tool on mobile (compared with 65 percent last year). The most commonly used technologies are video conferencing, social networking, and collaborative editing, which we also saw last year.

Research contributors include Jacques Bughin, Michael Chui and Lindsay Pollak.


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