Question mark Perception is a complete assessment management system that enables you to create questions and organize them into exams, quizzes, tests or surveys. It allows management to schedule people to take the assessments, deliver them in a variety of ways and then view the results in 10 different report types.

Management can author questions using wizards in a Windows environment and then store and edit them with local or shared repositories. The authoring wizards make it easy to create 20 different types of questions.

While using the authoring wizards, you can add multimedia files including audio, video, Flash animations and Captivate simulations to Perception questions. When the participant completes an assessment, the results are stored in Perception’s answer database. Administrators can then view these via a browser.

Perception offers 10 predefined report styles, but you can also define your own reports. A Perceptions Workflow management module allows organizations to define and enforce processes and rules to control the development and deployment of questions. 

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Author-it 5.0 is the first content management system to include interactive authoring memory. This memory product feature will be known as Author-it Xtend.

Using intelligent “fuzzy logic” matching, this new feature makes all of the approved knowledge/content contained in a company’s database available to content creators, eliminating the need to perform a time-consuming manual search. In fact, studies conducted by several industry experts have indicated that knowledge workers spend up to 35 percent of their time searching for information.

The concept behind Author-it Xtend is that it automates the re-use of content and places the knowledge of an organization at the fingertips of all users — when they need it. Once a user begins typing, matching or similar content is located and returned instantly — even if he or she is unaware that the content exists.

Suggestions can be revealed in as few as three words and in a fraction of a second. Users can choose to instantly insert any of the suggestions, see what documents those suggestions currently appear in, or continue typing to refine the suggestions. The reuse of content not only saves time and money in content production and localization (translation), it ensures that consistent messages are conveyed in both a company’s external and internal communications. 

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Control Center 7, a new professional remote IP-network camera control and jobsite management system, is being offered by EarthCam, Inc. The advanced Web-based software, available to all EarthCam clients in the international construction, traffic management and security industries, merges ease of use, advanced functions and image-building with sophisticated design.

EarthCam’s new software enables hundreds of features of megapixel and live streaming video cameras across allmajor brands. Control Center 7’s intuitive personal design program, customized by users for individual comfort and convenience, encourages expanded use of the remote Web cam systems to monitor, manage and document projects.

Integrated satellite zoom-in and aerial fly-bys of job-site locations provide a valuable means to pinpoint the project and explore surrounding real estate while bringing added excitement to an official Website.

Control Center 7 also offers multiple ways to pan, tilt, zoom and manage live cameras including keyboard, click-to-center, virtual joystick and easy to-use desktop USB joystick control. Its layout option is enhanced by an instant access, color-coordinated template to complement and enhance individual company Websites.

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Microsoft Corp. laid out the next phase in its strategy for online services, offering a road map for new offerings that synthesize client, server and services software for people and businesses. These offerings will combine elements of client-based programs with software that runs large servers and new services delivered over the Internet.

Live offerings span entertainment, communication and productivity. These services emphasize ease of use, simplicity of access and flexibility, and are ideally suited for situations where people either don’t have access to professional technical expertise or don’t require high levels of system management.

Office LiveWorkspace is among the first entries in the new wave of online services. Available at no charge, Office LiveWorkspace lets users do the following: access documents anywhere; work collaboratively on a project with others in a password-protected, invitation- only online workspace; easily connect to Microsoft Office Word, Power- Point, Excel and Outlook on their PC via the Web. 

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“Learning,” a new book published by the American Society for Training and Development, offers a set of methods, tools and strategies that will help learning professionals present a credible business case for learning.

Readers will find the communication model easy to apply, along with five key actions that show them how to present a persuasive business case, deal with changing business conditions, and positions themselves as a strategic partner rather than just a service provider.

Through the use of Presentation Mastery, readers can discover how to build a personal brand designed to get the attention of CEOs and sell their learning concepts and ideas.

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NetOp software helps instructors teach, allowing them to review work on a student’s computer on the other side of the class and show them how to complete an assignment or send them hints using instant messaging. With the software’s test center, instructors can easily put together grade tests and exams online.

The software also allows teachers to share any screen with the rest of the class, freeze a student’s mouse, or turn controls overt to a student for a demonstration. NetOp also allows the teacher to send messages to a student to make sure he or she stays focused instead of using the computer for online games or inappropriate browsing during class time. 

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