Survey Says Slight Increase in Spending on Learning

Survey Says Slight Increase in Spending on Learning

Organizations spent an average of $1,208 per employee on training and development initiatives in 2013, a slight increase over 2012 spending, according to ATD’s “2014 State of the Industry” report, sponsored by Skillsoft and the Ken Blanchard Companies.

The report’s findings paint a stable and consistent picture of the talent development industry. The report shows the use of technology is significant in the delivery of training, while the role of instructors remains firm.

The report is based on a survey of 340 organizations of various sizes, industries and locations. The findings for the report are pulled from two data sources: a consolidated source of all organizations; and a data source pulling from 33 BEST Award-winning organizations.

Key findings:

>> Per-employee spending slightly increased in 2013, at an average $1,208 per employee ($1,195 in 2012).

>> 10% of expenditures went to tuition reimbursement.

>> Direct expenditure as a percentage of profit increased from 5.9% to 7.5%.

>> Employees averaged 31.5 hours of training in 2013. Employees in BEST organizations used 35.5 hours, substantially lower than in 2012 (57.7).

>> The average cost per learning hour dropped from $89 to $74.

>> The top three areas of training content in 2013 were: mandatory and compliance (11.5%); managerial and supervisory (11.5%); and processes, procedures, and business practices (9.1%).

>> Instructor-led classroom delivery continued to be the most popular method of formal learning in 2013 (54.6%).

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