Systemizing Sales Management

Systemizing Sales Management

In 1920, the DuBois Soap Company’s motto was “Sell – Service – Satisfy.” While that motto is still a viable formula for success, the challenges of driving sales and revenue growth in a highly competitive and uncertain global market can be daunting. Sales leaders at DuBois (now DuBois Chemicals) soon began to see effectiveness gaps in their organization, including the need for:

>> Structured performance feedback process for managers.

>> Standardized coaching methodology, in order for managers to help under-performing reps.

>> Consistent use of the CRM system for pipeline management of sales teams.

>> Additional opportunities for sales team members, with a focus beyond 90 days.

Aligning All Levels

Doug MacRae, president of the Industrial Division at DuBois Chemicals, had benefited previously from CCI’s performance improvement services. CCI showed MacRae the signature high-performance sales management system, Pathways to Growth: 9 Disciplines to Create Sales Breakthroughs in Turbulent Times. This system provides clear steps, along with support and measurement tools, to align sales reps, managers and execs around the strategies that matter most.
After some review, DuBois Chemicals decided that Pathways to Growth was the solution to address their challenges.

A Collaborative Implementation

In February, a team of CCI consultants began meeting with key senior leaders at DuBois Chemicals. The leadership team included MacRae, the sales director and three hand-selected sales managers. Together, the group customized a plan using Pathways to Growth and put it into action.

Over the first week, the number of past-due opportunities dropped significantly, and the sales funnel was cleaner. Within a month, sales leaders were using information generated as a result of the program to forecast more effectively. CRM adoption and best practice skills also increased dramatically.

With more sales managers slated to go through training in the coming months, the future looks extremely bright for DuBois Chemicals.

A Unique Approach

CloudCoaching International (CCI) designs and deploys performance improvement systems for every level within an organization. It helps companies improve sales and service performance by integrating strategy, process, learning and technology. CCI, which has served more than 50% of the Fortune 500, has more than 30 years of proven experience.

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