Technology Drives Growth in e-Learning Market, Say Analysts

Technology Drives Growth in e-Learning Market, Say Analysts

A new report by Global Industry Analysts says technology advances are fueling interest and participation in e-learning. 

The report notes that the rise in Internet users, expanding use of smartphones and tablet phones in both personal and corporate environment, and digital content solutions mean “gaining popularity” for e-learning technology.

“The trend brings to fore the accelerating irrelevance of traditional knowledge delivery systems in this digital era, and the resulting shift in focus towards dynamic Internet-based interactive learning systems,” said the GIA report. “The role of technology innovations in driving new opportunities in the e-learning market and in providing better learning experiences for users cannot be undermined.”

The “standardized nature of the Internet” gives manufacturers the ability to create scalable products that can be deployed by any type of customer without the need for investing in additional specialized equipment, the report explains. “Market growth is expected to be fueled by the introduction of 4G communication technology with its high internet access speeds and broadband capacity,” the report concludes. “Growth in the market is also forecast to come from increasing acceptance of mobile learning in the corporate world as a result of cost benefits, growing base of mobile workforce, proliferation of mobile computing, and changing employee learning styles and the resulting need for a parallel shift in patterns of engagement in workplace learning. Also, growing adoption of second screen learning is helping mLearning emerge as a supplementary addition to existing educational tools and strategies.”

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