The Marriage of Sales and Technology

The Marriage of Sales and Technology

In the old days, you’d give your sales staff a product or service to hawk, hand them prospect lists, point them at the street, and let them work their magic. They were a combination of cowboys and attack dogs who could schmooze in their sleep. With one look, they could size up their prey and start their spiel. Fifteen minutes later, they’d seal a deal with a handshake. The customer might walk away somewhat pleased with (what was in his mind) the “negotiation.”

Today, sales has become a radically more sophisticated enterprise, to which good companies devote ever-increasing resources. And for good reason.

Thanks to rapidly advancing technology, informed prospects and fierce competitors, sales processes are being transformed. It’s with that knowledge that Elearning! magazine presents this dedicated issue on sales transformation. In partnership with CloudCoaching International, and Anthony Robbins Company, we have tapped the top innovators of our time.

You know Tony Robbins as an internationally famous business guru, and you know CloudCoaching International is a rising star in the sales game. Led by co-founders Walter Rogers, Jim Baker and Tony Robbins, the company designs, develops and deploys models, tools, services and applications leveraging technology to enable its clients to execute high-impact revenue generation and customer satisfaction strategies.

So here’s what’s in store for you in this issue:

>> The cover story “Innovation in Sales Transformation” by Robbins and Rogers (page 24), is aptly titled. In it, you’ll learn how the marriage of sales and technology is propelling “best-in-class” companies to new heights. With leading technology, honed processes and sales psychology, you can transform your sales and start on the pathway to growth.

>> Another feature, “Neuroscience: Revolution in Selling” (page 29), goes way beyond what those grizzled old salesmen might know. The article give you invaluable insights into the processing patterns of a customer’s brain.

>> The Ultimate Advantage” (page 34) discusses changes in today’s selling environment and reveals how a new paradigm called Sales 10.0 can pave the way for you to achieve outstanding success when others are still treading water.

The Elearning! magazine team hopes you enjoy these innovative, thought-provoking features on sales transformation. We invite you to share your comments online at Thanks for reading!

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