The True Value of Training

Yogi Berra, that paragon of word manipulation, exposition and baseball, is often quoted as saying, “The future ain’t what it used to be.” And, surprisingly, so it is in the world of learning measurement.  We cannot sustain our training departments based on how well we do against our training budgets. This only leads to the budget being cut on a year by year basis. If we measure ourselves as an expense, so we shall be treated like an expense.  That means we are the first to go when funds are needed elsewhere. The senior executives of the organization do not care necessarily about how well the learning organization is training the staff, how many of its employees had training this week, how many people completed courses in the last year, or how many achieved mastery. They do care about the wellbeing of the company. Download this complimentary white paper and learn how to talk the language of CEOs today.

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