Time-Shifting Collaboration: Is It the ‘Next Big Thing’?

Chipotle (the national restaurant chain) is now using the first tablet-based automatic video and content platform — to deliver anything, anywhere, no technological snags ever — that will change how it communicates, trains and collaborates with 45,000 employees.

Aberdeen Research’s Human Capital Team and Wainhouse Research e-learning analysts believe this technology stands to literally transform the nature of enterprise training and collaboration.

“One of the challenges businesses face with enterprise collaboration is ensuring that team members have the latest information,” says Michael Moon, research director of Aberdeen Group. “The market is ready for a collaboration technology that automates distribution of materials and video content to make sure corporate teams have the most current materials for training, communications and other collaborative needs.”

One of the newest such products just coming to the marketplace is PlayerLync, which eliminates video streaming by pushing content to be stored directly on tablets for native offline access.

“This approach bypasses streaming with an enterprise solution that can automatically deliver video and other content and even lets you overlay and annotate on top of video,” says Steven Vonder Haar, senior analyst for Wainhouse Research. “It’s an intuitive new approach to collaboration.”

The PlayerLync platform was originally developed for professional sports teams to rapidly share and collaborate on complex playbooks and high-quality game video without the need for an ongoing Internet connection.

The flexible technology is ideal for a variety of industries including restaurant, retail, construction, financial services, media and entertainment, health care or anywhere that video and document content needs to be shared across widespread workforces for instant contextual collaboration.

Starz Entertainment, Chipotle Mexican Grill, the National Football League and other early adopters have customized PlayerLync for their unique business needs and are already testifying to its unique value.

—More info: www.playerlync.com

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