TOOLS: Be Like Barack: Business Training

The unprecedented election of Barack Obama as President of the United States didn’t just make history; it teaches lessons that every executive can apply to succeed in business against all odds. In “Barack Inc. Winning Business Lessons of the Obama Campaign,” Barry Libert and coauthor Rick Faulk present the Obama campaign as an inspiring business case study of exemplary leadership values and winning tactics that can beat even the toughest competitors. The authors interviewed Obama supporters and studied election coverage to tease out the best business insights to be learned from Obama, including these three pillars of Obama’s successful campaign strategy: >> Creating a vast online community of supporters by harnessing the power of online social technologies including blogs, texts, video, and even an iPhone application. >> Keeping his cool under pressure. >> “No-drama Obama.” >> Becoming a catalyst for change. Readers will learn how Obama reacted with businesslike acumen to some of the most pivotal moments in the campaign.

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