TOOLS: Faster and Simpler

New Adobe eLearning Suite 2 software contains the latest tools, enhanced extensions, bigger libraries, and more efficient workflows, making it faster and simpler than ever for you to create professional e-learning content that is vibrant and engaging.

Adobe Captivate 5 can improve productivity soar with smarter aggregation capabilities and improved interface. Other benefits:

>> Easily move between authoring and asset creation tools with powerful round-tripping features.

>> Charm audiences with an enlarged set of ready-to-use components, including domain-specific HTML templates, toolbars, widgets and buttons.

>> Enhance the impact of your courses with applications captured in Adobe Flash Professional CS5.

>> Explore new levels of collaboration by leveraging, an Adobe CS Live online service, to conveniently host and review projects and easily track results. CS Live services are available on a complimentary basis for a limited time.

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