TOOLS: First Interactive Webinar Replay

omNovia Technologies has released its patent-pending Recast, a unique Webinar recording technology that creates on-demand interactive replays. Upon playback, all interactive features of the live event are available, exactly as if the viewer were watching the live session.

While recorded Webinars give attendees the opportunity to watch a Webinar at their own convenience, previous technologies offered only one-way communication by producing large file movies with no interactivity at replay time. omNovia’ s Recast allows the playback of recorded content inside a live session. Audience members can interact with polls, links, and text chat as if the content was truly live, and presenters can add live content such as Q&A or screen reconfiguration even while the playback continues.

Recast, like omNovia’ s intuitive meeting platform, requires no software to install. Unlike other recording technologies that often compress audio and video to reduce the file size, Recast keeps the original audio and video quality during the replay sessions.

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