TOOLS: For Workforce Planning, Compensation Management

TEDS, Inc., has released version 9.0 of its Talent Management suite.

The suite’s newest module, TEDS Compensation Manager, gives companies a significant competitive advantage though retention and motivation of key employees at all levels in the organization. With it, employee compensation becomes a strategic process, linked to competencies, learning and performance. The module utilizes sophisticated but easy-to-use analytics to ensure dependable and instantaneous data upon which to base compensation planning and decision making.

An enhanced Manager Dashboard allows managers and supervisors to look across their department or division and access employee development data from multiple sources, in order to review role assignments, progress toward goals, completions, and time-to-completion for any learning, development or certification task. Managers have access to accurate, up to the minute data that are critical to making and tracking strategic decisions.

The Manager Dashboard provides instant gap analysis, performance analytics, and workforce progress and employee readiness analytics. Enhanced embedded reporting capabilities and more powerful collaboration tools have also been added. Such capabilities are invaluable at a time when companies must maximize efficiencies and accomplish more with fewer resources.

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