TOOLS: Full Suite of Rapid E-Learning Content Development Solutions

Thank you for naming Atlantic Link’s Content Point, the world’s first remote authoring system for rapid e-learning, the Best of Elearning! 2009. Combining a “smart” Windows client with a server-based architecture, Content Point enables true collaborative e-learning development from anywhere in the world. Combined with full workflow capabilities, it provides huge time and cost savings when compared with traditional, stand-alone desktop authoring tools. Unlike browser- based systems, Content Point brings the power of a Windows application to server-based development.

Uniquely, Content Point allows you to create any kind of e-learning course. IT training, software simulations, health and safety courses, induction programs, sales training, regulatory compliance, product knowledge … a single solution for all
your e-learning needs. Interactive and media-rich courses are developed using a drag and drop interface; absolutely no programming skills are required. Courses are delivered automatically as Flash movies — without the need for any Flash skills.

Newly released, Content Point Version 1.31 boasts a range of new features to make e-learning development even easier, including:

>> Flash asset library fully integrated into Content Point.

Users can now access more than 80 content-manageable Flash assets directly from a customizable

Toolbox within Content Point. Content-manageable Flash movies allow users to add sophistication and learning interactivity to their courses without the need for programming skills. Users can now drag in Flash assets from numerous categories including Quizzes, Media Display, Surveys, Flow Charts, Glossaries, Brainteasers, Games and more.

>> Multi-resolution support.

Users can now publish courses at any size and resolution allowing easy deployment on mobile phones, Sony PSP, CD-ROM, Web browsers, wide-screen HD TV’s and more.

>> Server storage for course structure templates.

This gives our customers improved collaboration by the sharing of course templates, enabling Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to build a perfect course with approved branding, look and feel, structure and learning interactions in less than 10 seconds.

>> Interaction tracking and reporting on individual answers.

Customers can now access improved granularity of learning results for advanced reporting. It is now possible to identify correct and incorrect answers and user’s choices and preferences.

>> SCORM 2004 support.

The latest SCORM standards are now supported allowing users to publish courses to the latest LMS systems.


Capture Point, an Award of Excellence recipient for Best Simulation Tool 2009, allows automatic creation of online software training courses to be produced in hours instead of weeks.

• It records your actions in any software application and instantly creates a fully interactive simulation, complete with mouse clicks, keyboard inputs and all user interactions.

• Capture Point runs alongside any IT application and accurately captures screens and all user interactions. It automatically creates “show-me,” “try-me” and “test me” playback modes, as well as “Word” output for documentation.

Capture Point projects are imported into Content Point to instantly create and publish quality systems training courses. All imported courses remain fully content manageable once imported into Content Point.


Access online courses and learning results as well as maintain courses and users within Knowledge Point’s Learning Content and Management System. Knowledge Point includes the ICMS (Intelligent Content Management System) that allows fully interactive and media-rich courses to be maintained and delivered using just a Web browser.

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