TOOLs: New Pen and Touchboard

Next-generation interactive whiteboards introduce multi-touch, iPad- -like gestures to create a truly engaging and social learning tool in the classroom. To that end, Promethean has unveiled its ActivBoard 500 Pro-series that allows the board to be operated simultaneously by both pen and “gesture” touch.

The ActivBoard 500 will enable the use of new and emerging multi-touch functionality similar to that used in Apple and Microsoft (Windows 7) applications. This flexibility allows instructors to reach learners in a variety of ways or modes, supporting a wider range of learning types. Users will have the ability to easily move and scale objects with finger-touch using natural hand movements, in conjunction with the precision of the “pen” for tasks such as writing or drawing. This offers a more intuitive and efficient way of performing tasks and allows for more collaborative classroom activities.

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