TOOLS: Portal Integrates Apps

OpenERP 7.0 has been completely redesigned to feature a stunning user interface, a full-featured library of open-source business apps, an out-of-the-box use with no prior configuration.

OpenERP 7.0 comes with new modules including: brand new touch screen point-of-sale, new contract management, timesheet, fleet management apps, LinkedIn and Google docs integration, social collaboration between apps which promises an alternative to traditional e-mail, innovative kanban views to manage sales pipeline and projects, an integrated customer portal, reviewed productivity tools including GTD notes, agenda and address book.

By providing a portal of Integrated Business Apps, OpenERP is the first company to bring together the best of the ERP and the stand-alone app world. Users can now select the groups they want to follow to avoid being overwhelmed by information they don’t need. They also can access any document and any discussion related to it in a single view.

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