TOOLS: Rapid Development Equals Rapid Cost Savings

Creating online self-paced courses saves companies millions of dollars in travel and other costs while also providing “always-on” access to the latest training. Rapid Intake is the leader in rapid interactive e-learning development and course review
tools. Much more than PowerPoint conversion, the powerful, flexible Rapid Intake toolset helps instructional designers and content owners collaboratively create Flash-based interactive courses, quizzes, tests, learning games, and branching scenario simulations built on proven learning patterns. Built on Rapid Intake’s XML-based rapid interactive e-learning development platform, ProFormâ„¢ Rapid eLearning Studio is a single-user desktop solution that enables designers of all ability levels to create Flashbased, interactive courses. Novice users and subject matter experts (SMEs) simply fill out form-based templates to create interactive Flashbased courses, while advanced users create reusable custom templates by accessing the Flash source code (.fla). All output is SCORM compliant, rich media compatible, and works on most PC and Mac browsers. Built on the same XML-based platform, Unisonâ„¢ is a web-based solution that lets designers and subject matter experts (SMEs) log in from any location and collaboratively capture, storyboard, develop, review, test, and publish Flash-based courses —without having to know Flash. Rapid Intake’s unmatched “UNLIMITED Program” backs its award-winning software with innovative licensing and its best-in-class customer support. Hundreds of companies rely on Rapid Intake’s top-ranked technology and support to create more interactive and effective courses in less time. You can learn more about Rapid Intake’s rapid interactive e-learning software at

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