TOOLS: Sim for Aviators

HotSeat Chassis Inc., the maker of affordable surround sound simulation platforms, has released the Emulation Pilot Pro 6.0 Surround View Flight Simulator, a six-screen flight simulator.

The Emulation Pilot Pro 6.0 provides users with a true ”In the Cockpit” experience with a 200-degree field-of-view with left, center and right views displayed on three high-definition monitors. The simulator’s cockpit instruments are displayed on three additional screens, including one overhead, that all are available as touch screens. HotSeat’s Flight Sim PC and Slide-A-Way Screen design does it all.

 The Emulation Pilot Pro 6.0 enables students to fly any plane from every field in Flight Sim X. Users can simply look to their left or right to locate visual markers or fly around fixed objects on the ground.

The Emulation Pilot Pro cost structure starts at $13,599 and ships ready-to-fly with all software installed, updated and tested.

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