TOOLS: Social Learning into Extended Enterprise

Saba Publisher 10.0 is the latest version of Saba’ s content creation and publishing tool. It includes new capabilities that let any author create and publish compelling, media-rich content, particularly content focused on video and gaming.

New features in Saba Publisher 10.0 include:

>> A new “launch pad” starting screen for creating and opening content titles

>> New video help agents found on the “Video Tour” tab of the new launch pad

>> Added Flash player support feature for MP4 files

>> New transition effects

>> Configurable Flash animation capability

>> Several new additions to Saba Publisher’ s current inventory of games

The new features continue to make it easy for authors to share content and collaborate on development projects. Instructional designers and subject-matter experts alike can reuse templates and learning objects easily through access to a shared resource library. Saba Publisher also fully supports mobile templates.

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