TOOLS: Social Media, Talent and Business Value

Talent Gateway is the industry’s first comprehensive set of flexible, portable Web-based communication, social, and knowledge-sharing tools that customers can utilize to make talent management more accessible and available across the enterprise, according to Plateau Systems.

By embedding the most current and relevant social networking, portal, content, and Web 2.0 tools and making them available to users directly from within the product, Plateau Talent Gateway allows organizations to drive workforce productivity and innovation, facilitate information-sharing and employee collaboration and extend formal, informal and just-in-time learning initiatives across the enterprise.

Delivered as part of Plateau’s core Talent Management Suite, Plateau Talent Gateway provides a rich set of collaboration and social networking tools that customers can utilize to realize a number of direct benefits, including increased innovation, improved productivity, and greater collaboration and knowledge transfer.

End-users can quickly and easily organize the Plateau Talent Gateway by utilizing more than 80 drag-and-drop communication tools including blogs, message boards, wikis, discussion groups, digital asset libraries, document libraries, and RSS feeds made available through configurable portlets.

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