Tools: This 3-D Authoring Tool Is Easy, Free of Charge

NGrain Producer’s the personal learning edition is available free-of-charge. Producer allows anyone, with or without 3-D experience to rapidly create interactive 3-D animations and real-time practice tasks.

Producer allows users to:

>> work with 3-D models that have been created in any digital content creation of CAD program;

>> import 3-D data to the compressed, interactive NGrain format using industry leading tools, NGrain’s free converter;

>> create and update animations as well as interactive practice tasks using a visual click and capture storyboard; and

>> add important equipment knowledge, such as part details and links to reference materials, to support training and on-the-job performance for complex equipment.

Users can then easily insert 3KOs into Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, or Adobe PDF files, or publish 3KOs as part of an HTML page.

—Software download:

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