TOOLS: Viridis Launches Workforce Initiative   

TOOLS: Viridis Launches Workforce Initiative   


Viridis Learning, an online service that merges education technology with job placement, has launched seeking to fill a void in “end-to-end solutions” for employers and job seekers. 

Viridis has enlisted retired U.S. Army Chief Of Staff George Casey Jr. on its board, and an advisory board that includes Jose Maria Figueres, former President of Costa Rica and managing director of The World Economic Forum.

Viridis leverages education content from sources such as industry trade associations and internal corporate training programs. Using unique algorithms that analyze each candidate’s capabilities in areas such as knowledge, company culture, work ethics and personality, Viridis matches each user with available positions among its global and local corporate employer partners based on their “employability score.”

Others serving as board members or advisors include former Education Secretary William Bennett, former Governor Bill Richardson, and former Senator Bill Bradley.

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