TOOLS: Web 3-D Platform Is Browser-based, Free

3DXPlorer is an online platform for designing interactive 3-D spaces such as 3-D rooms and virtual worlds including 3-D objects, in which Web visitors can meet, collaborate, talk, chat, walk, visualize objects and interact as easily as they navigate through HTML pages, but in a 3-D-immersive mode.

It’s targeted to a wide range of users including, but not limited to, teachers, learners, marketers, managers, employees, creators, Web designers, Webmasters and application developers.

3DXplorer enables creating 3-D content that can be visited with a simple Web browser. The platform is offered for free to all creators, up to 50 daily visitors for prototyping and testing purposes.

The main components of the 3DXplorer platform are:

3DXplorer Studio

3DXplorer Avatar Configurator

3DXplorer player

The program runs with any popular browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera. Its total online SaaS platform is composed of a studio (development environment), an avatar configurator tool and a player (used by visitors).

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