Top Business Objectives For Investing In Learning

Top Business Objectives For Investing In Learning

Improving employee engagement (65%), personalizing learning and improving leadership skills (56%) are the top drivers for investing in learning today, reports the “2015 E-learning User Study” conducted by Elearning! magazine. The study queried 436 learning leaders across public and private sectors, 62% of whom held management titles.

Leadership development is a perennial driver. However, personalization of learning and improving engagement jumped to the top of the list in 2014. In 2013, personalization was only 4% of the respondents; it’s now the second-most-important objective. Why the shift? Wayne McCulloch, senior vice president of Salesforce, attributes it to personalization due to available technologies. Personalization was not conceivable in 2011, but with digital content, evolving learning ecosystems and data analytics, this is a reality for leading enterprises.

Learning leaders are leveraging various learning solutions to achieve these business objectives.

>> 86% are focusing on enterprise-wide learning; 61% across multiple locations and 30% multi-nationally.

>> 43% use virtual learning; 22% plan to purchase solutions within the next 12 months

>> 36% use social networking, 15% plan to purchase

>> 32% use mobile learning; 28% plan to purchase

>> 21% use MOOCs; 9% plan to purchase

>> 16% use gamification; 21% plan to purchase

>> 12% personalize learning; 14% plan to purchase

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