Transforming Talent Five Different Ways


TalentShip 2.0 is an advanced version of Spire Technologies’ enterprise talent product.

TalentShip 2.0 is a complete modular suite of five talent transformation products, which complement all existing HR automation systems. It is Cloud-hosted, infinitely scalable, and easily accessible as an app on tablets, mobile phones, laptops and any new-generation devices.

Based on proprietary Spire Context Intelligence Platform (SCIP), TalentShip 2.0 is a platform wherein talent data from three different sources — World Wide Web, internal and external talent data — can be viewed, compared and used to make decisions in a single window.

Spire boasts that TalentShip can save HR departments 60% in costs, and that it can yield a 70% efficiency in the selection of candidates for jobs.

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