Turning the Tables: Does Online Learning Have to Cost Money?

Not Neccessarily…

Innovative organizations are seeking new ways to compete and create results. Improving performance with fewer resources doesn’t require a big budget. But it does require the ability to align training and resources differently.

Instead of focusing on what your organization doesn’t have, let’s focus on what is available, smart, easy-to-access and also … free.  In a Web 2.0 world, many free resources are available. In fact, one could argue that the availability of free information and free training/collaboration is at an all-time high.

How has your organization embraced the technology that is now available? Have you tried online learning? Maybe you wanted to try, but you weren’t sure which technology to use? Or, did you assume that with a static or shrinking training budget that online learning was too expensive and your organization could never afford it?

One such option is Geo On-Demand’s unique and innovative FREEdom Program. Delivered online, learners only require access to the Internet in order to start learning. Available at no charge, the FREEdom Program enables an organization’s employees to access 10 of the most popular (and required) training topics including HR, Safety, Compliance, Microsoft Office Computer Skills and Business Skills.

"We consider it an economic stimulus package for training and development departments facing reduced budgets," says Todd Porter, Program Manager for Geo On-Demand. "This is more than just a great, no- risk offer. We are reaching out to help entire companies in times of economic uncertainty. Providing free training to employees allows organizations to train, re-train, improve performance and document compliance when training budgets are tight or shrinking."

Why Online Learning?

The specific business benefits of an online learning, particularly as they relate to economic risk, include:

>> 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week availability

>> Just-in-time training

>> High potential for cost savings

>> Reduced time away from the job

>> Documentation of compliance

Online learning is a critical component for organizations to consider at this time, not only because of the ease and efficiency of training delivery and tracking, but in terms of regulatory standards — including sexual harassment prevention training — with which an organization must comply.

Online learning can also assist an organization in making sure that staff has a clear and consistent message about a particular learning topic.

How Does It Work?

Free online training may sound too good to be true. So, it’s important to examine closely the details about such offers to understand its value to an organization.

In the case of the FREEdom Program, Geo On-Demand doesn’t collect any billing information from the learning administrator or the learners, so  an organization cannot be billed for using the 10 courses. Because it’s delivered on-demand, it is a viable and scalable way to offer no-cost, consistent training to improve business performance and document compliance across a department or throughout an organization without the need for IT resources.

Benefits of Program

What are some smart ways to get started with programs like Geo On-Demand’s FREEdom program?

1) Offer online sexual harassment prevention training for your employees. Upon completion, learners can print a date-stamped certificate to prove training completion and verify your organization’s compliance with title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 applying to employers with 15 or more employees. 

2) Cross train your employees in new or complimentary subject areas to add knowledge, deepen understanding and build bench strength across the organization.

3) During times when raises and employee incentives are scarce, offering training as an incentive or reward is attractive to employees. Employees can put skills to work on the job immediately or transfer skills to other positions. Offering employee training demonstrates a company commitment to employee development and will improve employee loyalty during chaotic economic times and after.

4) Share the knowledge about the benefits of free online training. Your customers and business partners will share in your excitement about accessing free online learning. When you pass along the information about this free training program, they’ll reap the benefits of free online learning and view your business relationship as a true partnership.

5) Improve communication among teams and departments. Training provides the foundation of understanding and reference. When employees have initial common ground, it enables communication not only within a team, but also between departments and throughout the organization.

—Geo On-Demand’s FREEdom Program is free and available to your organization today. Sign up today or get more information at www.geoondemand.com.

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