TYPO3 in 2010, Join the TYPO3 Association and Get Involved

Despite rough economic times all over the world, TYPO3 made great strides in 2009 and the future looks good for both TYPO3 4.4 and TYPO3 5. We at Despite rough economic times all over the world, TYPO3 made great strides in 2009 and the future looks good for both TYPO3 4.4 and TYPO3 5. We at Acqal had a good year and TYPO3 continues to increase its market share in the US, although we all would like to see that move a lot quicker.

2009 saw the first TYPO3CON outside of Germany. Held in Dallas, it was well attended and was a great start to bigger things to come. T3CON10 in Frankfurt was the best T3CON yet and it looks like settling on Frankfurt as the venue was a great idea, as Frankfurt is centralized and easy to get to from both Europe and the US, as well as other countries. The venue was great, as well, and has enough room for further attendance growth.

Predictions for 2010

1. The US TYPO3 community will grow and become more cohesive as we all embrace the TYPO3 tag-line, "Inspiring People to Share." T3CON10-Dallas will far exceed expectations. I am honored to have been selected to be part of the Organising Team and there are some great folks on this team, including Ron Hall, Mark Infield, Zach Davis, Juergen Egeling and Kian Gould, among others whose names I cannot recall offhand. The web site and early bird registration will be launched within a few days, but mark your calendars for May 20-22.

2. The TYPO3 Association will grow and continue its good work. We are getting ready to pay our dues for the next year and we encourage everyone to join. The Association, as a centralized control point for TYPO3 development and management, is one of the reasons that TYPO3 is among the best managed and stable open source software products. The Association combines the advantages of the usual open source community with the control of a proprietary software company. It can’t get any better than this!

If you haven’t joined yet, being a member of the TYPO3 Association is essential for anyone / any company using TYPO3. There are very reasonable fees for individuals and a variety of options for agencies. If you do nothing else to support the best CMS in the world, at least join the Association.

Click here for their Steering Committee Strategical Meeting report held December 4th.

3. TYPO3 development will continue to progress in a very positive way, with both TYPO3 4.4 and TYPO3 5. It gets better and better and this will contribute to further acceptance of TYPO3 as the enterprise CMS of choice for serious, mission critical web sites and intranets.

4. As for Acqal, we will continue our growth, continuing our migration, support and training services. But what is really exciting will be the launching of two new initiatives in 1st QTR 2010. One is high availability web hosting with failover, 24/7 monitoring, sophisticated backup system, specifically designed with TYPO3 in mind, but also suitable for other types of mission critical web sites. And we have been able to put this together at very reasonable rates. This hosting is not your average hosting company that claims to do everything, but doesn’t.
The other new offering will be a TYPO3 based SAAS content management system with various options available. More on that in the coming weeks.

Best wishes from we at Acqal to the entire TYPO3 community for a productive and healthy new year.

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