Use it, Don’t Lose It

Use it, Don’t Lose It

What is the best way to remember a person’s name? Many people suggest that when you are introduced to a new person, you should say that person’s name right away. It sill help you remember the person’s name. This way you use it or lose it.

The brain is built to retain information when it is used. Just like using a person’s name will help you remember it, if you use the training information right away – within hours of learning it, your brain will remember it. This is Learning Application.

Currently, learners look at a training, whether it be an instructor led workshop or an e-learning course, as an event that takes place in a conference room or on their laptop and that is where it stays – in the conference room or the laptop rather than applied on the job. Afterwards, they go back to work, and it is “business as usual”.

How about if we look at learning events differently? How about if we focus learning events on “on-the-job application and on-the-job development”.

Learning Application focuses on applying the learning directly following the learning event. To do this, we need to set the expectation with learners that after they complete the learning event, they apply the course on the job. Give the learner an exercise to do directly following the training. Make it easy to do with step-bystep instructions, and
a job aid will help them remember it and engrain the new behavior. This is Learning Application.

If you provide your learners with an on-the-job exercise implementing Learning Application, you are asking your learners to Use It – Don’t Lose It!

Use it Dont loose it

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