Using a Math Algorithm to Create a Universal Personal Tutor

Using a Math Algorithm to Create a Universal Personal Tutor

Every once in awhile, a great idea comes out of resourcefulness instead of enormous sums of cash. This is one of those times.

Po-Shen Loh is a Princeton-educated mathematician, Carnegie Mellon professor, the head coach of the U.S. International Math Olympiad team, and now he’s created a product he calls “Expii.” Expii is a math and science education tool that might someday turn every smartphone or device like Echo into a personal tutor. Why is that important? Well we know from Benjamin Bloom’s research, back in the mid 80’s, that people trained in a one-on-one fashion will outperform 98% of those students trained in the classroom. So finding a way to get technology tp act like a personal tutor, is a way to scale personal-tutoring to serve everyone.

What Loh did was to combine his mathematical expertise with crowd-contributing strategies from sites like Wikipedia and Quora to deliver free education to all of the world using a system that self-organizes in the same way that mathematics self-organizes from its basic assumptions. He hopes it will democratize education and be a learning revolution for those who could never afford a tutor.

To put this in easier terms, Loh is using math to make the lessons adapt to the student. If the student doesn’t understand how to answer a question (read: test), then Expii will use that knowledge to suggest the right reading material. It’s a brilliant idea, and we suggest watching the video to learn more: VIDEO LINK.

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