VIRTUAL CLASSROOM: Virtual Boot Camps Are Here

Expertus POD (Program On Demand) is a platform that enables learning-focused event managers to create a full “virtual venue” that facilitates truly effective learning and knowledge sharing.

ExpertusONE POD is a cloud-based virtual learning event platform that enables event managers to create a highly interactive online venue with an agenda or curriculum that can include live and on-demand sessions; attendee-attendee, attendee-subject matter expert, and group interaction; capture of community-generated knowledge; immediate access to relevant materials; and links to specialized capabilities like virtual labs and exhibit areas. It delivers that event within a single, intuitive online environment personalized to the needs and culture of each individual.

ExpertusONE POD enables virtual events that go beyond the limitations of traditional meetings to allow people to participate on a more flexible schedule from around the world, and provides the framework for attendees to “continue the conversation” with peers and subject matter experts for days, weeks or months beyond the scheduled event.

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