Want Increased Worker Productivity? Pursue Onboarding

“Onboarding” is a major factor that influences employee retention and worker productivity, according to a new report from the Aberdeen Group that was sponsored by SkillSoft.

The study found that 84 percent of organizations that achieved Aberdeen’s “Best-in-Class” status included a formal new-hire training program. Furthermore, the findings show that new employees who participate in onboarding are able to achieve ideal levels of productivity more quickly in their new positions.

Titled, “All Aboard: Effective Onboarding Strategies and Techniques,” the comprehensive report is based on surveys and interviews with nearly 800 HR/HCM and business line managers at organizations around the world, the majority of which are in North America.

The study found:

>> 71% of all organizations surveyed list “new-hire retention” as the top reason they pursue onboarding.

>> 86% of all survey respondents concur that new hires make their decision to stay at the company within the first six months on the job.

>> 100% of “Best-in-Class” improved the retention rate of new hires over the past year.

>> 68% of “Best-in-Class” describe their onboarding solution as either partially or fully automated rather than paper-based.

>> 84% of “Best-in-Class” provide a formal new-hire training program.

>> 52% of “Best-in-Class” use assessment tools for hard and soft skills as part of their onboarding process

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