WEB 2.0: Broad Feature Set, Powerful Analytics

OmniSocial is a new software solution that enables organizations to connect, communicate, collaborate, and attain greater business value from social interactions with their employees, customers and partners using a single environment.

Using OmniSocial, businesses can enable and leverage the collective knowledge and ideas of their target audiences and tap into a new kind of business intelligence.

OmniSocial combines three powerful modules — social media and networking,
Web collaboration, and learning and performance — into one environment with flexible deployment options and powerful analytics.While OmniSocial can be used in virtually any area of business, Mzinga provides solutions to help businesses better connect with customers, employees, and partners.

OmniSocial is available now, with additional features scheduled for release in early 2010. The full feature list, along with pricing, is available upon request at www.mzinga.com.

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