WEB 2.0: Integrating Social Learning

Expertus, a global provider of products and services that optimize the business impact of learning, has launched ExpertusOne, a social learning platform that brings together formal, informal, and collaborative learning for all audiences across the enterprise: employees, customers and channel partners.

Working in collaboration with Fortune 500 companies, analysts and industry leaders, ExpertusOne is a social learning platform that addresses the greatest challenges facing enterprise learning, including global learning audiences, disparate learning technologies and legacy learning systems that lack relevance.

It tackles these challenges in three simple ways:

>> It is a comprehensive one-stop platform that brings together formal, informal and collaborative learning into a single, highly accessible and intuitive interface.

>> It provides learners, throughout the enterprise and extended enterprise, with a just-in-time resource to support ALL learning and performance needs.

>> Its Web 2.0 technology is scalable and adaptable enough to integrate legacy systems throughout the enterprise, including multiple LMSs, CRMs, CMSs, and various HR and talent systems.

For more information, visit the Website www.expertus.com.

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