WEB 2.0: Meeting Reservations Include 3-D Rooms

The key capabilities in the release of Olive 2.2 include:

 >> A virtual meeting reservation system that allows a meeting organizer to reserve a 3-D room type, room equipment, and to invite mandatory and optional attendees. Invitations are received through the user’s native e-mail system, and if accepted display in their native calendaring system.

>> Presenting on 3-D screens and viewing by all participants a spectrum of media including MS PowerPoint files, streaming videos (Windows Media Player-based), any software application running on a Windows desktop, and collaborative whiteboards.

>> A Lotus Sametime plug-in so users can achieve single sign-on to Olive from Lotus Sametime, instantly invite colleagues to join a 3-D meeting directly from their Lotus Sametime client, or schedule a future meeting through the Virtual Meeting Reservation System.

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