WEB 2.0: New Unified Suite Focuses on People

Saba People Systems is a unified suite of collaboration, learning and performance applications. It embeds enterprise business networking capabilities in the traditional learning and performance management business processes, allowing employees, partners and customers to work better and work together to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Saba People Systems enable businesses to drive strategy and innovation from the bottom up instead of strictly from the top down, connecting people to strategy rather than simply creating reports for executives.

It delivers actionable social learning, coaching and mentoring to help close competency gaps. Mentors, whose expertise is rated by the community, can be easily identified to help career development and improve performance in real time.

Saba’s networked people profile combines information from the enterprise business network including community feedback, expertise and content rating, and dynamic network analysis with formal profile elements such as competencies and career interests.

Saba People Systems are delivered in the Cloud and on-premise.

More info: www.saba.com/products

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