WEB 2.0: This Courseware Structures Games

Adayana’s Gameware combines the structured learning approach of Web-based courseware with focused job performance gaming elements, ensuring that the learning objectives are covered while providing the superior retention achieved through practice.

Adayana GameWare Learning Solutions consists of small learning content segments similar to standard courseware, followed by small gaming segments that provide students a chance to practice the concepts in the preceding courseware. The gaming segments contain feedback based on a learner’s actions and provide remediation to the appropriate courseware frames. The course ends with a full job performance simulation containing a specific scenario and a defined challenge.

The game requires learners to demonstrate mastery of the learning objectives, and it tracks learner performance on all of the various objectives being assessed. At the end of each game, learners receive feedback on their performance for each objective and are prompted to revisit sections of the training with which they had difficulty during the game play, reinforcing the concepts they learned.

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