WEB 2.0: Via Voice and 3-D

Adayana Government Group’s VALIDATE (Voice-Activated Learning in Direct-Applied Training & Education) is an interactive 3-D game that creates U.S. cultural awareness and embeds language practice. VALIDATE features culturally smart avatars that require voice-activated responses as students work their way through 12 customized scenarios in a virtual world mirroring everyday locations and interactions. The avatars also speak in various regional accents that students must recognize and speak answers to using grammatically correct responses.

The course goal is to expose foreign personnel to culturally specific behaviors encountered in the normal course of a day in the U.S. and to require verbal responses to practice speaking English. Students will experience what’s considered an appropriate response so they learn how to be more effective in their daily operations.

Each scenario requires students to interact with avatars and master an aspect of American or U.S. military culture. Adayana has already implemented the solution at the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC) at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

–More info: www.adayana.com/government

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