WEB 2.0: Virtual Worlds in Three Platforms

Engineering & Computer Simulations’ virtual worlds are now available in three delivery platforms: the traditional desktop method, Nexus Web and Nexus Mobile. Using breakthrough technology, this Nexus upgrade enables users and participants to access training and education programs anytime/ anywhere.

Nexus Web provides full access to 3-D virtual worlds from any Flash-enabled browser including Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari. As Nexus Web detects the bandwidth of an individual’s delivery device, it automatically makes the adjustments and delivers Nexus to the participant. The program supports the full spectrum of delivery from HD quality to Air Card bandwidths.

Unique in this upgrade is Nexus Web’s capability to run behind government firewalls and be accessible on computers with government security restrictions.

More info: www.ecsorl.com

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