Web Seminar Series On-Demand

Web Seminar Series On-Demand

Best of Elearning!: E-learning Development Tools




Speakers: Tanya Seidel, Trivantis Lectora; Christopher Allen, Allen Interactions; RJ Jacquez, Adobe Connect and Jerry Roche, Elearning! Media Group

Interactive. Engaging. Rapid. These are all the possibilities when using the proper content authoring and publishing solutions. Jerry Roche hosts panelists from the Best of Elearning! Rapid Authoring and Development Tools categories. Each expert will showcase the features and benefits of these solutions. Learn how to create engaging content fast, affordably and with fun!

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Best of Elearning!: Learning & Talent Systems




Speakers: Jeff Whitney, OutStart; Narendra Patil, SABA; Tom Abogabal, eCornell and Jerry Roche,Elearning! Media Group

Considering a new learning or talent management system? Join Jerry Roche, EMG’s editor-in-chief when he shares the advice of four expert technologists across the: Best Learning Management System, Best Learning Content Management System and Best Talent Management System. This panel will reveal which platform(s) you should consider, the advantages and disadvantages of various platforms, as well as the important preparation steps.

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Social Media in the Workplace – Make it Work for You




Speakers: Michelle Winkley, Chief HR Strategist, OPHR Group and Colleen Longstreet, Sr. HR Strategist, OPHR Group

5 years ago HR professionals were writing policies to keep their employees from using social media at work. 

Today, we are writing policies to help them use it.  Companies cannot ignore the impact that social media has on learning cultures, employee engagement and productivity, and recruiting.  In a study by Accenture, 52% of employees surveyed said that a company’s use of technology was a major factor when selecting an employer. 

In this session you will gain practical tips and suggestions for how best to implement social media in your organization while protecting the company and your employees from potential liabilities.

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Best of Elearning!: Virtual Classrooms




Speakers: Cat Allday, Product Line Director, GoToTraining; Randah McKinnie, Product Manager, Adobe Connect and Tim Martin, Business Development Manager, Elearning! Media Group

75% of enterprises use web conferencing for training and 45% host virtual classrooms. Which is the right fit for your organization?
Tim Martin, Director, Elearning! Media Group, hosts panelists from the Best of Elearning! for Web Conferencing and Virtual Classroom solutions. In this session, they will define these terms, identify the features sets and help you determine the best fit for your training needs. Come armed with your questions for these experts who will share real world case studies and best practices.

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Best of Elearning!: Engagement Tools




Speakers: Greg Flynn, Sr VP, Brainshark, Pam Bioros, Vice President, SkillSoft inGenius and Tim Martin, Business Development Manager, Elearning! Media Group

Approximately 66% of enterprises plan to implement an engagement tool initiative. If you are one, you should join Tim Martin when he showcases the  best-in-class engagement tool solutions. 

The panelists will present solutions, real-world examples and best-use cases.  The session will present the Best ofElearning! from: Best Presentation Tools, Best Video Capture, Production & Publishing Solution and Best of Simulation Development Tools.

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Are You a Top Learning Organization?




Speakers: Marjorie Van Roon, Best Buy Canada; Amy, Thomson Reuters and Joe DiDonato, Elearning! Media Group

Today’s leading enterprises are innovative, agile and high performers. How did they get there? What sets them apart from the rest? In this session, Joe DiDonato, editor at Elearning! Media Group, will share attributes of the best in class learning & development organizations.

Discover how collaboration, innovation and learning culture all drive performance. Hear from two Learning! 100 winners from Best Buy and Thomson Reuters and discover how they moved their organizations from average to leaders. Every attendee will get to take the Best in class survey to benchmark your practices.

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E-learning Trends: Learning & Talent Systems & Services




Speaker: Catherine Upton, Publisher, Elearning! Media Group; Joe DiDonato, Editor-at-Large, Elearning! Media Group

In talking with a lot of our readers at the Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo, we couldn’t help but be captivated by the number of people thinking about changing out their LMS systems.  Even more impressive was the move to the Cloud and SaaS services.

This webinar will deal with the latest trends around Learning & Talent Systems and Services.  We’re even going to share a portion of a clip from our ELCE show, where we asked the “founding fathers” of the LMS industry, “With the growing trend towards social and informal learning, what do you think the role of the LMS will be in the future.”

Their answer was a bit shocking and quite revealing, and we’re surprised that more people didn’t see what they saw coming our way.  Who were these “founding fathers” and CEO’s?  You know them all: Bobby Yazdani of Saba Systems; Alan Todd of KnowledgePlanet/Mzinga, now CEO of Corporate University Xchange; and Frank Russell, the former CEO of GeoLearning, and now the CEO of Prositions.  We’ll be adding our own commentary to theirs, and talking about the trends we see in the Learning & Talent Systems arena.

Topics that we’ll be covering include the following:

  • Is the LMS dead?
  • The top 10 LMS trends we’ve uncovered;
  • Why are people picking Cloud/SaaS;
  • What do we see as trends that will impact how an LMS operates; and
  • What you should look for when picking your next vendor.

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E-learning Trends: Content & Engagement Strategies




Speaker: Joe DiDonato, Editor at large, Elearning!Media Group and Liza Taylor, who heads up training for Creative Channels; and David Klein, Chief Advocate for Mobile Learning

At Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo last month, we saw some great learning and workplace technologies at work. In this session, we will share how organizations like Cheesecake Factory, Best Buy and WalMart are taking training out of the classroom and placing into the hands of learners. Coupled with new mobile solutions, you will see real world applications of user generated training, produced quickly and easily, and the methods to mobilize it—all on a shoe string budget.

Join Joe DiDonato, Editor at large, Elearning! Media Group and Liza Taylor, who heads up training for Creative Channels; and David Klein, Chief Advocate for Mobile Learning; and discover:

  • The top 10 learning trends of 2012;
  • How companies are leveraging YouTube, social platforms and mobile solutions for learning;
  • The impact of user generated content on learner engagement and outcomes;
  • A demonstration on how to leverage these tools within your  organization 

Sponsored by eCornell and GoToTraining

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Moving to the Virtual Classroom: A Trainer’s Roadmap to Success



Speaker: Cindy Huggett, CPLP

Have you been asked to deliver virtual training but aren’t sure where to start? That’s normal – preparing for a virtual training is a lot different than prepping for one that’s happening a few feet away.

In this highly interactive session, you will learn how to build a training session aimed specifically at a virtual audience. You will leave the session with an action plan for preparing your own training sessions and a road map to assess yourself against those steps

Attend this live, interactive webinar to learn:

  • Follow 7 key steps to become an effective virtual classroom trainer.
  • Apply classroom delivery techniques to the virtual classroom.
  • Create an individual action plan for migrating from the physical to the virtual classroom.

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Re-inventing Our Education Future



Speaker: Sal Khan, Founder of Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is revolutionizing how education is being delivered. In what is being called the ‘democratization of education,’ both the Gates Foundation and Google are backers of this new education model. Hear what the future model of learning delivery will be, how learners are responding and what impact it will have on your enterprise learning initiatives.

Charming, inspiring and energetic, Khan shares his vision of reinventing education by using technology to shift the paradigm of learning away from lecturing, testing and grading to having the ability to better mentor and coach. Called “a name you need to know” by Forbes magazine, Khan challenges organizations to put innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset at the center of their mission.

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Failure at the Top



Speakers: Michael Winston

For 20+ years Michael Winston led effective transformation and global expansion strategies for Lockheed, McDonald Douglas and Motorola. He saw great leaders who created great cultures and how they were born. But, what happens when leadership fails? Mr. Winston will tackle this very controversial subject. As former Chief Leadership Officer from Countrywide (now Bank of America), Winston discusses talks about “Failure at the Top.”

Each year, billions of dollars are spent on selecting and developing leaders with vision, values and integrity, yet the global recession was prompted by the absence of these very characteristics in key leadership positions. With all the books, articles, conferences, executive coaching, and training on leadership, why the continued failure of leadership in so many high-profile corporations? Why is there an absence of trust and credibility in so many of our institutions?

This is Winston’s account of the fall of Countrywide/Bank of America- a story of their arrogance, ignorance and corruption. It is also a story about principles, courage and setting/staying the course in the face of retaliation and adversity. Winston reaffirms the notion that all great institutions are built by leaders at all levels who demonstrate the bedrock values of integrity and trust.

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Learning Culture: Best Practices for Creating an Empowered Enterprise



Speakers:Josh Bersin, CEO of Bersin & Associates

Your learning culture has a significant impact on business performance and long-term business growth. However, effecting a change in learning culture requires collaboration with business leaders. In this session, Bersin will provide actionable advice on where and how to best begin that collaboration – including how best to weave a focus on strengthening learning culture into and in support of existing learning programs.  These best practices are not “touch” but business strategies with impact that is measurable. Without a strong culture, your best efforts will fall short.

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Re-designing Enterprise Learning: How Technologists are Changing Your Future



Speakers:Ross Mayfield, Founder, Social Text & Slide Share, Joe DeTuno, CEO, Funnelbrain.com, Geoff Graber, CEO Scout On Demand, Chuck Hamilton Director, IBM’s Center for Advance Learning, Joe DiDonato, Elearning! Media Group

his power panel is made up of CEOs and senior executives from the social networking and games communities, as well as early adopters from the world of education. The question we will be putting to each of them is “Knowing what you’ve learned in your world, how would you re-design enteprise learning?”

This panel re-examines our existing learning paradigms, as well helps us discover how our own learning programs can benefit from the tips and techniques engineered into these social platforms. Topics include engagement tips and techniques, dynamics that bring vast numbers of participants to a site, and  recommendations for the best techniques and dynamics to employ to increase participation and success for your own programs.

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Mobile, and Social, and Virtual! Oh, My!



Speaker: Joe DiDonato, Editor-at-Large, Elearning! Media Group; Jacqueline Beck, Vice President, Brookwood; Dr. Garry Woodill, CEO, i5 Research

As we follow the yellow brick road to the new “land of e-learning,” what perils will we encounter along the way?  Will you be able to find your way home after you talk to the wizards?  And do you have the mettle to make this trip?
Meet four expert guides who will share their secrets on mobile, social, virtual and collaborative learning.  Let them help you avoid wrong turns. Listen to our moderator, Joe DiDonato, as he tests their courage, hearts, and brains with probing questions from “behind the curtain.”
Jackie Beck will share virtual learning best practices and advise us on how this trend will impact us going forward.  Dr. Gary Woodrill shares how to develop a mobile learning strategic plan.   David Coleman will prove how effective collaboration processes will assure your best ROI from technology investments. And, Michele Lenz describes how e-learning can go social effectively.
In this session you will learn:

  • Which technologies should be leveraged and when;
  • How to build a strategy that supports your goals;
  • The impact of collaboration on business outcomes;
  • The 5 truths of social, mobile and virtual learning; and
  • The safest path to the new “land of e-learning”

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The Learning Explosion: Rules to Ignite Your Virtual Classrooms




Speakers: Matt Murdoch, Global Director of Online Learning, FranklinCovey, Treion Muller, Chief eLearning Architect, FranklinCovey, James Hilliard, Moderator, Hilly Productions

Many businesses are struggling to cut costs and increase reach without sacrificing the quality of training. With dramatic growth projected in virtual training, the challenge remains how to effectively take live in-person training and transfer it to an online experience.
Join this webinar with FranklinCovey experts Matt Murdoch and Treion Muller to hear how FranklinCovey has approached this opportunity through powerful instructor-led training conducted online.

Attend the live webinar to learn how to:

·Follow a design approach called SOLID (Simple Online Learning Instructional Design) to transition the training experience from in-person to online.

·Build an internal team that can effectively manage and launch your virtual training program.

·Provide a high-quality, highly-engaging training experience online.

·Adapt to the new mind-set and tool-set required for today’s virtual training.

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First Look: E-learning Trends & Practices Study 2011




Speakers: Joe Didonato, Elearning! Magazine’s Editor-at-large and Catherine Upton Elearning! Magazine’s Publisher

Is your organization keeping up?
Take a first look at new research on E-learning Trends & Practices. Join  Joe DiDonato and Catherine Upton of Elearning! Media Group,  when they reveal  findings on  future enterprise learning and workplace technology practices and investments. 
In this complimentary sessions, you will learn:
1) The top priorities in learning and development
2)  How future practices benchmark to 2010
3)  Which technologies enterprises are investing in and why
4) How private and public sector behaviors compare
5)  What’s new in  learning and development investments
This study complied the feedback of over 1000 respondents from the public and private sector.

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The Next Generation of Learning Systems: The Top “Must Have” Features




Speakers: Joe Didonato, Elearning! Magazine’s Editor-at-large

With Gen X and Gen Y making up 50% of our current learner audience, how is their presence impacting our learning systems going forward? What are the top 20 trends we see? Will we need to dive deeper into social learning and collaboration? Will we need to move our learning systems to the Cloud where Software as a Service (SaaS) dominates the landscape? What about mobile learning? What about new technologies like augmented reality? What about interoperability?

In this complimentary webinar, we’ll talk about several trends that will be the drivers of the next generation of learning systems. We’ll also look at the top “must have” features that will make up this next generation. And we’ve invited Saba Software to tell us what they see coming and how they’re preparing for the next generation.

In this webinar you will learn:

1. What top 20 trends are driving this movement to the next generation

2. What “must have” features enterprises will be looking for from their vendors

3. What the new top selection factors are going to be for choosing a vendor

4. What Saba is doing to prepare the next generation of learning systems

5. Issues you’ll face when you upgrade or exchange your LMS

If you’re part of an LMS project team that’s contemplating considering a system change, then you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Please join us in this complimentary session by registering now. All attendees will receive the “Learning and Talent Systems Buyer Awareness Study 2011” complimentary upon publication in July 2011.

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The 5 Secrets to Deploying Effective Training at Warp Speed



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Speakers: Joe DiDonato, Editor-at-large, Elearning!Media Group and Kelly Smith, Online Learning Advocate, Knoodle

The Speed of Business has grown exponentially. From sales competition, changing regulations and advances in practices, today’s enterprise must move at warp speed. Join this session with Joe DiDonato, Elearning! Magazine’s Editor-at-large and Kelly Smith, Online Learning Advocate , and discover how to accelerate your business.

You will learn how:

  1. Best-in-Class organizations leverage rapid development tools to drive performance across their extended enterprises
  2. To engage learners with rich media to improve outcomes
  3. To empower individuals and small development teams with the “Right” rapid development tools
  4. To use rapid content development tools to provide learning to under-serviced parts of your extended enterprise, including customer-support, partners, and more…
  5. To deploy rapidly developed content over mobile devices.

See firsthand how a medical school professor at the University of California at San Diego constructed the HOPE program. This rich multi-media healthcare training curriculum on childhood obesity was constructed by a development team of one and is targeted the most discerning learners – doctors.

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Great Webinars: Crossing the Chasm from Classroom Training to High Performance Virtual Delivery




Speakers: Cynthia Clay, President/CEO, NetSpeed Learning Solutions

Most novice webinar presenters report that they are uncomfortable with virtual delivery because they:

  • No longer have eye contact with learners
  • Can’t read facial expressions
  • Have difficulty receiving feedback from their participants
  • Lapse into one-way communication, despite their good intentions
  • Feel like they’re giving a speech in a closet
  • Believe that their students are madly multi-taking

Without the tools or skills to cross the chasm, novice facilitators find it difficult to achieve high-performance in the virtual arena. If you believe that the virtual classroom can be as exciting, meaningful, and relevant as the face-to-face classroom, join Cynthia Clay, President/CEO, NetSpeed Learning Solutions, and author of Great Webinars: How to Create Interactive Learning that is Captivating, Informative, and Fun at this practical and inspiring webinar.

What You’ll Learn

  • After attending this one-hour webinar, you’ll be able to:
  • Avoid the 3 most common errors that make webinars dull
  • Apply 5 techniques to transform your virtual classroom
  • Adopt 3 practices to reduce the impact of technology snafus
  • Take away a white paper describing the competencies of a skilled virtual trainer

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Instructional Design for Live, Online Learning




Speakers: Roger Courville, Principal, 1080 Group

Trainers understand that moving training online changes the experience.  The challenge is to move beyond “talking over PowerPoint” to designing an interactive learning experience that engages and educates learners.
Join Roger Courville, author of The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook, for a one-hour mini-workshop to jumpstart your instructional design skills for the live, online classroom.

Attend this live event to:
– Identify four critical differences between online and classroom training
– Create a blueprint or structure for your virtual class
– Apply three steps to adapt exercises for a virtual classroom
– Develop an effective evaluation and ROI model

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Transforming Learning & Development in the Federal Sector




Speakers: Josh Bersin, Principal, Bersin & Associates

Training budgets in the federal government have been tight over the past two years.  Organizations have had to make tough choices about what training initiatives are most critical and deliver them in cost-effective ways.  Learn how organizations have changed their L&D staffing, delivery methods, and program priorities to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Use the benchmarks presented in this Government Learning study to take your program to the next level.

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Learning Styles and Generational Differences—Do They Really Matter?


Speakers: Drs. Phil Westfall , Air University and Jolly Holder, American InterContinental University

This presentation will explore the applicability and efficacy of learning styles and generational differences and their effect, if any, on learning outcomes. Specifically, the presentation will address the subtleties between learning styles and learning modalities, as well as differentiating between learning styles and cognitive styles. A background on reliability and validity of instruments used to identify specific learning styles and their psychometric properties will be discussed, as well a brief summary of the research on learning/cognitive styles. Additionally, a critical view of generational differences and a general assessment as to their effect on learning outcomes will be explained.

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Enterprise Learning & Development: Best Practices of theLearning! 100




Speakers: Mollie Lombardi, Sr. Analyst, Aberdeen Group

Today’s business environment and expectations have shifted dramatically. How has your organization responded? Lombardi will share the best practices and benchmarks of today’s top learning organizations. Learn which training processes drive business impact and the tools to leverage to close performance gaps. See how the Learning! 100 outperformed and which techniques to leverage to achieve performance gains. 

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Government Learning & Development: Best Practices of theLearning! 100




Speakers: Mollie Lombardi, Sr. Analyst, Aberdeen Group

The U.S. government is the largest employer in the nation. Yet, today’s government organizations are working in totally different ways than 2008. In this session, Lombardi will share the best practices of the top government organizations. Learn which training processes drive performance and the tools to leverage to close performance gaps. See how the Learning! 100 outperformed others and which techniques to leverage to achieve these gains.

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The Science of Enterprise Collaboration & Innovation: Impact of Learning




Speakers: David Coleman, Principal, Collaboration Strategies

Eighty percent of enterprise executives claim collaboration is critical to their business success. However, many struggle with how to set policy, select platforms and deploy impactful applications. In this session, top organizations will share their strategies, tactics and outcomes.  Hear from Fortune 100 firms  and others who will share advice, lessons learned and strategies.

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Learning! 100: Government Panel




Speakers: Janet Clarey, Government Elearning!  &Learning! 100 Government Honorees

The Learning! 100 winners all share three attributes. They have outstanding organizational performance, an immersive learning culture and are Innovative. Hear from panelists representing small and large government agencies, private and public educational institutions and the military. See how these top learning organizations are building smarter organizations when they share their experiences, outcomes and programs with you. Tap their expertise and grow your network of peers.

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Learning! 100: Enterprise CLO Roundtable




Speakers: Joe DiDonato, JD Consulting & invited panelists

This interactive, participative session facilitated by DiDonato provides a forum to address today’s hot topics. Talent retention? Government 2.0? Changing Workforce? Panelists will field questions then participate in small roundtable discussions on the hot topics. Walk away with a few good ideas and the experts to tap after the day’s event.

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Learning! 100: Government CLO Roundtable




Speakers:Joe DiDonato, JD Consulting & invited panelists

This interactive, participative session facilitated by DiDonato provides a forum to address today’s hot topics. Talent retention? Government 2.0? Changing Workforce? Panelists will field questions then participate in small roundtable discussions on the hot topics. Walk away with a few good ideas and the experts to tap after the day’s event.

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What Keeps You Up at Night? Analysts Answer.




Speakers: Joe DiDonato, JD Consulting, Karen O’Leonard, Bersin & Associates and Mollie Lombardi, Aberdeen Group Hashtag: #ELWS

Tight budgets. Vicious competition. Dynamic workforce.
Today’s leaders face mounting challenges. But, there is some good news, too.
In this session, hear how top performing firms are mastering the choppy waters in a sea of change.

Karen O’Leonard will preview how public sector agencies are moving at the speed of light. Mollie Lombard will benchmark today’s best practices against those of the past, and the impact it has on business performance.  Bring your questions, share strategies, hear about how today’s top organizations are responding.

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Virtual Learning Environments: Trends & Insights




Speakers: Jerry Roche, Editorial Director, Elearning!Magazine,
Eric Vidal, Sr. Learning Strategist, Unisfair and Marie Bass, Director Of Education, Healthcare Financial Management Association Hashtag: #ELWS

Virtual learning environments are one of the fastest growing solutions for learning.  Is your company missing a giant trend? Hear why leading organizations are integrating Virtual Learning Environments into their training strategies

In this interactive session you will learn the following:
· What is a Virtual Learning Environment?
· The differences between virtual environment and a virtual classroom
· How to measure learners progress, and their actual behavior/interactions inside the environment

· How to allow easy access to content, SME’s and like minded peers

· Hear examples and best practices from a learning executive that has had success

· Learn a six step process to launch successful virtual learning environments

Collaborate with product experts, see a virtual learning environment in action and receive the E-learning User Study from Elearning! Magazine for attending.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Online Training (and How to Avoid Them)




Date: Tuesday, January 11

Time: 9:00am PDT/ 12:00pm EDT

Speakers: Roger Courville, Principal, 1080 Group Moderator: James Hilliard, President, Hilly Productions.Hashtag: #WebinarX

Online training is a completely different ballgame than in-person training. Sure, you don’t have to fret about what to wear or if you’re trainees are going to smell the onions you ate at lunch, but you do have to worry about how to engage, interact, connect with and understand your audience – all while you can’t even see them!

Join Roger Courville, online presentation expert and author of The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook, for a webinar on how to plan, design and present like an online training pro. 

Attend this live webinar to discover how to:
· Avoid the 7 most common online presentation mistakes
· Design dynamic training presentations (no art degree required!)
· Present – and train – like a pro

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Emerging E-learning Technologies & Practices




Every day new e-learning technologies and practices are born. Which are fads and what have staying power? Join Janet Clarey, Technology Editor for Elearning! as she moderates a discussion with three e-learning thought leaders about several e-learning trends.  Dr. Jane Bozarth, author of Social Media for Trainers, Dr. Karl Kapp, co-author of Learning in 3D: Adding a New Dimension to Enterprise Learning and Collaboration, and Dr. Gary Woodill, author of The Mobile Learning Edge will discuss:

  • E-Learning in the 3D virtual world,
  • Mobile learning, and
  • Learning through social media spaces.
  • What some organizations are doing with those technologies now.

Each session attendee will receive the E-learning Trends Study complimentary. Sponsored by eCornell and GoToTraining.

About the Speakers

Jane Bozarth is an internationally known trainer, speaker, and author. A training practitioner since 1989, Jane is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has an M.Ed. in Training and Development/Technology in Training from NC State University, and completed her doctorate in Training and Development in 2008. She is the author of Pfeiffer’s E-Learning Solutions on A Shoestring; Better Than Bullet Points: Creating Engaging E-Learning with PowerPoint;From Analysis to Evaluation, and, with Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner, The Challenge Continues.  Jane’s newest book, Social Media for Trainers: Techniques for Enhancing and Extending Learning, was published in August 2010.  In addition to her work as Elearning Coordinator for the state of North Carolina, USA, Dr. Bozarth has a longstanding collaborative relationship with InSync Training, LLC and serves as their Social Media Strategist.

Gary Woodill, Ed.D. Dr. Gary Woodill is an independent analyst and expert in the field of emerging learning technologies. Gary started working with computers in 1974 as part of his Masters studies at Memorial University in Newfoundland. In 1978 he developed content for TVOntario’s video text trials, and began programming computers for educational purposes. In 1985 he developed Ryerson University’s first course on Computers in Education, and in 1993, started a multimedia company that developed over a dozen children’s educational CDROMs, that were translated into 14 languages. In 1998, he designed one of the first Canadian learning management systems (LMS) for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Toronto (now called LearnFlex, distributed by Operitel Corp., in Peterborough). While working for Operitel as Chief Learning Officer, from 2001-2006, he designed over 60 online courses for teachers, gathered requirements for clients, and wrote over a dozen white papers on emerging learning technologies. In 2006, Gary became a full time Senior Analyst with Brandon Hall Research and continues to work with them as an independent analyst. Session now available on-demand

eGovernment Roudtable



Speakers: Jay Allen, Chief Collaboration Officer, ADL Co-Lab, Dr. David Twitchell , Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Haley Steele, Department of Veteran Affair’s, Mark Oehlert, Innovation Evangelist, Defense Acquisition University

The Department of Defense represents almost 50% of the federal government’s technology budget. In this session, Jay Allen, Chief Collaboration Officer, ADL Co-Lab, hosts Dr. David Twitchell, Department of Veteran’s Affairs and Mark Oehlert, Innovation Evangelist, Defense Acquisition University. Hear how these large organizations are tapping learning technologies and collaboration to achieve their missions.

Dr. Twitchell, as lead on the VA’s Healthcare E-learning Initiative, will discuss lessons learned from their large scale e-learning launch. Mr. Oehlert leads the social learning initiative at Defense Acquisition University. Learn how these agencies are deploying enterprise learning initiatives, the tools used and results achieved. Hear about the unique challenges and opportunities facing public sector executives. Bring your questions to ask these experts.

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Best Practices: Integrating Learning & Talent Strategies



Speakers: Stacey Harris, Senior Analyst, Bersin & Associates

Forty percent of Elearning! executives named integration of learning and HR processes across the enterprise as a top business priority.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • To evaluate your organization’s current talent landscape,
  • Which talent initiatives to begin with,
  • The key stakeholders and partners to target to build integration strategies,
  • The time and resource investments required,
  • The impact integration has on team and business performance.

Available On-Demand Now

Best of Elearning! 2010



Speakers: Catherine Upton, Group Publisher,Elearning! Magazine Group

Discover the Best of Elearning! for 2010 first, in this session, hosted by Elearning! and GovernmentElearning! Magazines. Catherine Upton, Publisher, and Jerry Roche, Editorial Director, will reveal the top learning technologies and services deployed in 2010 ranging from the Best LMS to Best Authoring Tools. Attend the Best of Elearning! session and see Best-in-Class solutions at work. Hear what your peers say about these solutions and share advice with learning professionals during and after the session. More than 40 solutions across 20+ companies will be covered. The Best of Elearning! Awards program is the exclusive readers’ choice awards in the market. Approximately 49% of buyers report that they rely on peer and word-of-mouth advice for product information. This session provides a formal platform for executives to share what works and why

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Best Practices: Extended Enterprise Learning



Speakers: Janet Clarey, Elearning! Media Group

See how enterprises are building competitive advantage by deploying an extended enterprise learning strategy. In this session, technologists and power users join Janet Clarey to discuss the 5 best practices of extended enterprise learning. From strategy, technology selection and deployment, this panel will provide you the roadmap  to success.

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What Makes a Top Learning Organization? 



Today’s business environment and expectations have shifted dramatically. How has your organization responded? In this session, Mollie Lombardi, HCM Analyst, Aberdeen Group, will share the Best Practices for today’s top learning organizations. In this session you will learn: 

  • Which training processes
  • Which tools to leverage to close performance gaps,
  • The profile of today’s top learning organizations,
  • How your team measures up to the best-in-class.

Every session attendee can take the Learning & Development Best-in-Class survey complimentary, and  receive the follow up research report free of charge.  Sponsored by eCornell and GoToTraining.

About the Speaker:

Mollie Lombardi
As analyst with Aberdeen’s HCM Group, Mollie Lombardi focuses on how organizations enable business success by unleashing the potential and productivity of their workforce. Mollie studies both workforce and talent management processes and technologies and how organizations put them to use to create positive results for employers and employees, and seeks to understand the organizational best practices that create real business impact and change.

Lombardi has spent the last 10 years in the Human Capital research and consulting space, helping organizations to align business and talent planning and strategies, and unleash the potential of their employees to solve their most pressing business issues. Prior to joining Aberdeen she worked as an independent consultant providing executive development, leadership development and talent strategy consulting to clients in a wide variety of industries. Previous to that she was a researcher and consultant with The Concours Group (now nGenera). Lombardi holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Arts Management from Boston University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.

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Engaging for Influence: Delivering Virtual Training with Impact



Speakers: Camille, Preston, Founder, AIM Leadership, Jessica Eastman Marketing Manager, Citrix Online. Moderator: Roger Courville, Moderator, 1080 Group

In today’s virtual world, online training has become one of the most efficient and successful ways to engage with your participants. Implementing some key ideas can lead to lasting impact and influence

Join Camille Preston, Ph.D., PCC, Founder of AIM Leadership and author of OverWired: Reclaiming Success in a Virtual World, to hear tips and tricks on how to engage participants in online training

Attend this live, interactive Webinar to learn:

  • What prevents Virtual Trainings from having full impact: Inside-out Alternatives mistakes
  • What people really need: The 8 Keys to Virtual Influence
  • How to develop Virtual Rapport, Authenticity, Trust & Agility

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Tapping the Power of Collaborative Content Authoring for Creating E-learning



Speakers: Janet Clarey, Editor, Elearning! Magazine Group and Mike Alcock, Product Specialist, Kaplan IT Learning’s Atlantic Link

Collaborative authoring systems allow organizations to respond with greater agility to training development projects of any size while reducing costs and significantly improving project turnaround. In addition, collaborative authoring environments provide centralized storage and management of training course content, as well as the media assets that the courses contain. As a result, source files are never misplaced or lost and course content can quickly be updated by all contributors. Join Janet Clarey, Elearning! Editor and Mike Alcock, Product Specialist for Kaplan IT Learning’s Atlantic Link, as they share best practices and real world examples of how to use collaborative authoring to create eLearning training content easily and cost effectively. In this complimentary web seminar, you will learn:

  • How to place eLearning development capabilities within the hands of SMEs and other contributors so as to reduce the cost of using external resources
  • How British Telecom used collaborative authoring and centralized content management to easily create the variety of training needed within each business unit, regardless of the unit location
  • How to easily enhance exiting training materials, such as documents and PowerPoint’s, with interactivity, assessments and branching learning scenarios.

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Four Secrets to Leveraging Social Networking for Employee Performance



Speakers: Tammy J. Erickson, International Expert & Author, Plugged In and Janet Clarey, Technology Editor,Elearning! Magazine Group

77% of U.S. corporations are leveraging social networks for employee engagement and performance. Are you one of them? 

In this session, Janet Clarey, Elearning! editor, and best-selling author Tammy Erickson share the four secrets to successful social collaboration for employee performance. 

– Where to start? 
– How to “Turn ON” employee engagement 
– Three big mistakes to avoid 
– How to measure success 

See first-hand real-life applications at work in today’s enterprises. Bring your questions and challenges, and tap these experts for advice. 

Registration Bonus: Receive the “Enterprise Collaboration & Social Networking Research” complimentary (Value $495.)  Attend and you could win Tammy’s book titled, “ What’s Next, GenX?

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10 Practical Online Training Skills


Speakers: Roger Courville, Principal, 1080 Group LLC James Hilliard, Moderator, BNET

Research shows that trainers who can turn passive participants into active participants significantly improve learner retention rates. Join Roger Courville, online training expert and author of The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook, to get practical presentation tips for engaging learners in a live online training session. Attend this live, interactive Webinar to learn:

  • How to avoid the worst-ever online training mistakes
  • Practical tips you can immediately use in your online trainings
  • What to do if you suspect your audience is multi-tasking
  • How to use online training features effectively

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Implementing E-learning in a Large Traditional Organization: Edward Jones     


Get an inside look at how to implement e-learning in a large traditional organizations. Edward Jones is a leading financial services company employing 40,000 across 11,000 offices in three countries- all serving individual investors. Nick DeNardo, Learning Services Manager at Edward Jones, will share the strategies he used to lead the learning functions of a large national organization through an enterprise-wide LMS implementation and subsequent introduction of e-learning. These strategies transformed learning programs and resulted in strong positioning for the current chaotic economic times.

During this presentation, you will learn the:
* Five keys to a successful LMS/e-learning implementation.
* Three best practices to avoid e-learning initiative pitfalls.

Today, Edward Jones hosts 43,334 e-learning module  completions per month. The team consists of 7 separate training functions, 350 full time training professionals running 1 enterprise-wide learning management system. Learn more about this implementation by visiting the GeoLearning Booth.

About the Speaker

Nick DeNardo is Learning Services Manager for Edward Jones.  He developed and implemented an enterprise-wide LMS, e-learning production program, learning strategy and change management process.   Edward Jones is a leading financial services company employing 40,000 people across 11,00 offices in three countries.  Today, the learning program hosts 43,334 e-learning module completions per month. 

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How to Successfully Migrate Traditional Training Program to Blended E-learning


Today’s tools and technologies can deliver “Better than Being There” learning experiences.  Now, 53% of training hours are being hosted via e-learning, blended or virtual training. It’s time you put these tools to work and secure faster time to market, and time to competency, while saving considerable time and money.

Join Connie Stephens, Performance Consultant at RBC Bank, and Dr. Richard Hyde, instructional design expert, Atlantic Link,  when they share the steps and best practices of migrating ILT to impactful blended e-learning.  

In this complimentary web seminar, you will learn:

>Which training programs to target and why,
>How to develop truly engaging content that drives performance,
>Which tools to use for best outcomes,
>How to get trainers and facilitators engaged in the process.

See real-life examples of effective e-learning programs from the field; Share best practices and try your hand using award-winning tools for rapid development and collaborative authoring.

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Reinventing Learning at Essilor: The World’s Largest  Network of Ophthalmic Labs



Learn how Essilor leveraged world class e-learning and complementary instructor-led materials to launch APEX-Optics’ performance improvement initiative to improve customer satisfaction, lab productivity, lab profitability and employee capability. During this session, Fred Dierksmeier, Program Manager, Essilor of America, will share how seasoned employees gained new technical skills and knowledge about APEX-Optics Labs. From employee, to lab manager, to senior vice presidents – comments such as “fantastic materials and program”, “helps employees believe in themselves” and “will bring tremendous value” are commonplace. Hosted by Scott Colehour, Co-Founder & Solutions Architect, Allen Interactions, Scott will share the learning strategy and tactics deployed to reinvent Essilor’s learning initiatives.

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Understanding and Motivating Your Trainees from a Distance


For some trainers, the biggest obstacle for moving training programs online is understanding if trainees are engaged, motivated and learning. But not being able to physically see trainees does not mean you cannot communicate and facilitate effective online learning programs. Join Roger Courville, author of “The Virtual Presenter” and Jerry Roche, Elearning! Media Group, and learn the techniques and strategy to engage learners from any distance.

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Best Practices: Launching Global Blended Learning Curriculum


Learn how Xerox re-engineered their learning and development function, moving from traditional classroom based training to global blended learning. Led by Joann Halle, Vice President of L&D at Xerox, these speakers will address all three phases of strategy development, technology evaluation and deployment and training implementation. See how Xerox managed the global rollout of its blended learning curriculum. 

Attend this session to learn how Xerox is managing the global rollout of its blended learning curriculum and how the company was able to:

  • Reduce travel and administrative costs for large-scale training sessions by hundreds of thousands of dollars annually- which is critical in the current economic environment,
  • Improve access to training by enabling sales and service professionals to attend trainings throughout the year, without having to leave their offices,
  • Support the delivery of 450 sessions in the first half of 2009,
  • Address a variety of stakeholder requirements through ease of use and flexibility. In Europe for instance, the virtual sessions are used in 14 countries with 12 languages, whiles users worldwide require little or no training to participate in the online L&D courses.

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Social Learning 101


Join this 90 minute session and see how companies are implementing social learning across their enterprises. David Mallon, Bersin & Associate’s senior analyst, will review the  technologies available; what Telus and The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland are doing at a tactical level with live examples; and invite users to share their experiences. Walk through the evaluation, launch and measurement phases of a social learning launch. Then, ask David and his panelists of technologists and power users questions to jump start your social learning initiative.

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Ask the Experts  Panel Discussion


Ask these e-Learning experts advice, tactics or strategies, led by Lance Dublin, Learning Architect with Dublin Consulting.
Wonder what the ROI (return on investment) or ROE (return on expectations) is for e-learning? What tools should you use? How can you develop quality e-learning on a budget? What’s critically important in addition to great content and effective design? This is your opportunity to ask these and other questions directly to a panel of e-learning practitioners and consultants and listen in as they share their experience and knowledge.

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