What Goal-Setting Can Do

As organizations prepare for annual employee goal setting sessions at the start of the New Year, SumTotal Systems released the top 10 tips HR managers can use to drive better organizational alignment for improved performance across their company. Implementing sound, universally accepted goal setting processes, coupled with the use of an effective system for managing and tracking these processes is one of the best ways HR can contribute to an organization’s bottom line.

“With the current economic forecast, it is now more important than ever to make sure employees’ goals reflect the organization’s overall goals to ensure everyone is working toward the same mission,” says Richard Oyen, director of HR and talent development. “By helping to set organizational alignment, HR departments have the ability to impact their company like never before and create significant productivity improvements.”

In an effort to enable HR departments to have a more profound impact on their organization’s performance, here are some best practices for employee goal setting:

Know the goals – HR should be involved with executives and senior management as they plan organizational goals for the year ahead to grasp the business issues and challenges which are driving the goals.

Get buy-in – The executive team should support HR’s efforts to align goals and help communicate the importance of the program so employees understand the executive team stands behind it.

Cascade goals – Once the goals are set at the top of the organization, they should work their way down in the organization.

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