What Next for QR?

Half of smartphone users have now scanned a QR (mobile barcode) code at least once.

As QR codes pop up in more places, awareness of them is growing, and many users seem to learn what they do before learning what they are called. While just 21 percent of Internet users have heard of QR codes before, more than four in five know one when they see one.

QR codes are becoming hard to miss, even for those without a smartphone. Data indicates that well over 90 percent of the top 100 magazines in the U.S. have featured at least one mobile barcode since last May; as recently as November, 2010, just 9 percent had.

Besides magazines, other important uses of QR codes appear on in-store signage and packaging and business cards.

Why do smartphone users can QR codes? Forty-six do it out of simple curiosity; 41 percent do it with a hope of obtaining more information.

—Sources: eMarketer, Chadwick Martin Bailey, Nellymoser

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