What You Need to Succeed


A survey dealing with individual resilience and peak performance is considered to be one of the most important sociological studies ever conducted.

In a new book, Dr. Randall Bell explores the concept of “core intelligence” — considered to be the foundation of all achievement.

Are there fundamental differences or traits that set successful people apart? What makes a winning strategy or leads to disaster or collapse? These are questions he asked of 3,000 people from every walk of life and around the nation, from moms to millionaires. In so doing, he was able to identify a definite link between daily habits and various measures of success.

Bell earned the title “Master of Disaster” from his expertise in appraising properties where notorious crimes or events have taken place. He believes there is a lesson to be learned from history — whether it be the effect of disasters on people, or the correlation in their habits.

The title of his book: “Rich Habits Rich Life: The Four Cornerstones of All Great Pursuits” (Leadership lnstitute Press).

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