WHO Names 56 Tech Pioneers

WHO Names 56 Tech Pioneers

The World Economic Forum today announced its list of 56 companies selected as Technology Pioneers, and this year’s class demonstrates the growing embrace of artificial intelligence and machine learning across a broad range of sectors.

“Our new tech pioneers are at the cutting edge of many industries, using their innovations to address serious issues around the world,” said Fulvia Montresor, head of technology pioneers at the Forum.  “This year’s pioneers know that technology is about more than innovation — it is also about application. Therefore, we believe they’ll shape the future.”

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The AI and ML Tech Pioneers are:

  1. 7 cups offers web-based and smartphone-based emotional support for free, anonymously, from anywhere, anytime       
  2. Airobotics partners with leading enterprises and governments around the world to digitize their business.       
  3. BigID makes software that redefines how enterprises find, map, and de-risk personal information for today’s privacy, protection, and governance problems.
  4. Bright Machines applies artificial intelligence to manufacturing, adding eyes and brains to the factory floor through machine learning and computer vision.
  5. CyberCube equips the insurance industry with world-class analytics and unmatched data.
  6. DabaDoc connects millions of patients with thousands of doctors across Africa.
  7. DataProphet is a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) provider for Industry 4.0, improving quality and yield in manufacturing.
  8. Descartes Labs  has built a cloud-based platform to digitize the physical world.
  9. Drishti’s pioneering computer vision uses artificial intelligence (AI) to digitize human activities in the factory and allows manufacturers to benefit from human analytics for the first time.
  10. Eureka is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that powers partnerships between mobile operators and enterprises in industries including banking, insurance, transport, and market research.
  11. Holmusk is a data science and digital health company dedicated to addressing how the world confronts mental health.
  12. Homoola is a technology startup that will revolutionize the trucking industry and boost its efficiency and sustainability.
  13. ImpactVision is a machine learning company applying hyper-spectral imaging technology to food supply chains in order to improve food quality.
  14. Luminance Technologies is a leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession.
  15. Marinus Analytics is social entrepreneurship in action. It delivers solutions globally that leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to empower law enforcement and government agencies to best protect and serve the most vulnerable community members.
  16. One Concern is a benevolent artificial intelligence company with a mission to save lives and livelihoods before, during, and after disasters.
  17. Quantela’s Atlantis artificial intelligence cloud platform simplifies the collection of data and helps streamline urban infrastructure operations to enhance experience and urban management.
  18. Shape Security’s mission is to stop these web attacks, eliminating fraud and restoring trust online.
  19. Tookitaki has developed machine learning-enabled enterprise software solutions in the anti-money laundering and reconciliation spaces.
  20. Truepic is a leading photo and video verification platform.
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