2017 Learning! Champion Award

2017 Learning! Champion Award

Honoring Individuals for exceptional contributions to the Learning industry. Nominate a client, leader, mentor or partner by Dec 31st, 2017.

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Returning for 2018, Elearning! Media Group hosts the third annual Learning! Champion Award recognizing individuals for exceptional contributions to the industry. Nominees can be innovators, thought-leaders, trail-blazers, mentors, cutting-edge technologists, rookie of the year, creative consultants, or high performing learning leaders that positively impact the learning industry.  Nominate a client, leader, mentor or partner for consideration.

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The Nomination Process

Nominating a candidate is easy via the online ballot and takes only minutes to apply. There is no charge for applying. Candidate can be submitted only one time per year for consideration. Be prepared to share information about the nominee(s) including:

– Which category of 6 categories are you submitting the candidate?

– Who and why are you nominating him/her?

– How did the candidate contribution to the industry and the impact?

– Basic background information on the candidate.

Upon completion of the application, you will receive via email a confirmation of receipt along with a copy of the nomination. Please retain this for your records as it will be the only confirmation you will receive. If you do not receive an email confirmation, the application was not processed and must be resubmitted. All applications must be received by December 31st, 2017 for consideration.


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Award Notification & Announcements

All honorees and the nominating contact will be notified in February 2018 of their award status. Learning! Champion award-winners will be featured in an Elearning! eZine edition, and invited to join the Learning! Champion Award Ceremony March 2018. Award-winners are also invited to participate in educational sessions, web seminars, articles, blogs and other media options across the year.



Does it cost anything to submit a nomination?

No, nominations are free for the 2018 Learning! Champion Award.

Can I submit more than one nomination?

Yes, you can submit multiple nominations. However, a candidate can only be submitted in one category one time by the same nominator. Remember, this award program honors all participants in the industry from practitioner, rookie, creative and leaders, as well as vendors and technologists.

Can I nominate myself for consideration?

While we do not explicitly prevent self-nomination, we prefer nominations be submitted by others than oneself.

Will the nominating person be revealed in the process?

We do contact the nominating contact for validation of the application. We may also contact the nominator for missing information or more details about the candidate(s).

How are the applications evaluated?

A committee of practitioners, analysts and magazine editors will take part in evaluating nominations. A validation process will be conducted as well as relevance testing. After which, nominees will be selected and ranked within each category. The selected candidates and their nominators will be notified when named a Learning! Champion Award recipient.

Can more than one person win within a category?

Yes, it is expected that more than one person could win a Learning! Champion Award within each category. Given the broad industries, various roles and contributions, EMG expects multiple recipients in most categories.

What does the Learning! Champion receive for winning the award?

The Award winner will be recognized as a Learning! Champion in Elearning! Magazine, as well as events, award reception, web seminars, contributed articles, blogs, etc. Each will receive Learning! Champion Award and Award ICON for personal and professional uses. Access to the Award eMagazine via URL provides unlimited distribution rights to Award recipients.

If I made a mistake or wish to change the application, can I change it after its submitted?

Sadly, after the application is submitted, we are unable to make changes. If the nominee has changes employment, or you have additional materials you wish to include for consideration, you may email the information to: awards@2elearning.com RE: Learning! Champion Award Submission [Name of Candidate] Any changes received after December 31st will not be included in the evaluation process.

Will late submissions be considered?

Given the tight deadlines and media time frame, we cannot accept late applications. The only exception is if a deadline was extended to all submitters. (Which would be posted on the website.)

I have a question, who can I contact?

We will do our best to respond to your inquiry. Email your question to awards@2elearning.com for review. Responses may be delayed 1-3 days.


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