2020 Learning! 100 Award Notification

Congratulations! You have been named a 2020 Learning! 100 Award Winner. 

Your organization will be honored in the Learning! 100 Award Showcase, award ceremony's virtual broadcast, and various activities over the next 12 months.

I. Learning! 100 Award Contact

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II. 2020 Learning! 100 Award Activities

The Learning! 100 Award program is a year long education and promotions program. Please indicate below which activities you wish to participate. Our team members will contact you directly based upon the program(s) you wish to participate.

Learning! 100 Award Ceremony virtual broadcast. Date TBD *Required Yes, I would like to accept the awards at the virtual broadcast.
Yes, I wish to attend the broadcast but not speak.
No,I do not wish to attend.
New in 2020: We will host the Learning! 100 panel discussions. Would you like to participate? (*Required)

III. 2020 Learning! 100 Promotions

As an honoree, your organization will be listed in the Learning! 100 Award Showcase distributed to 120,000+ learning professionals. The top 10 will be profiled in the edition. (Separate email to follow)

Learning! 100 Congratulations Promo

Congratulate your team with a full page 4color ad in the Learning! 100 Showcase.  Investment: $3495

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Leader Package includes full page ad in Showcase and featured box ad in Showcase online for 12 mos. Investment: $5950.

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Learning! 100 Showcase Box Ad

Place your 200 x200 box ad on Showcase online microsite for 12 mos. (1 creative ad only.)  Investment: $2495

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IV. Elearning! Article Contribution

Would you like to contribute a tip, best practice or case study for publication in Elearning! Magazine, blog or website? (*Required) Case Study (1200 -1600 words)
Best Practice (12001600 words)
Tip (600 words)
Leadership POV (600 words)
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Thank you for your time to complete the Learning!100 Award  Notification Form.

If you have any questions, please contact us at cupton@2elearning.com for assistance.