Advancing Your Career with Professional Credentialing

Advancing Your Career with Professional Credentialing

Speakers: Joe DiDonato, editor at large, Elearning!Media Group
and David Grebow, CEO, Knowledge Star

Today, 48% of enterprises do not know the skill sets of their employees. Yet, 1 million skilled positions go unfilled because of perceived ‘talent shortages.’ Unless your employer conducted your training, your investment in developing your professional skills may go unchecked.
According to  the O’Reilly School of Technology’s Scott Gray:
“Those outside of companies with skill-building curriculae can’t obtain legitimacy in those skillsets without being an employee. The more people are culling unassociated resources and experiences to learn specific skills, the more urgent it is for there to be a place for them to record their efforts and success, to study with peers, and to present their learning portfolios to future employers or partners in a meaningful way.”

Join Joe DiDonato, former EVP, Oracle Education and David Grebow, certification expert and CISCO certification partner.

In this session you will learn:

  • The value of professional certificates
  • How to build resume credentials
  • The process to secure credits for prior education

Start earning resume credentials  from your learning efforts. This seminar qualifies for 5 credits toward the learning professional certificate.

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