Apple Advances Ed Game

Apple Advances Ed Game

Apple announced the launch of many educational products and applications at their Chicago event. Announcements were made around learning apps and iPad strategy.

Apps can make the difference in education. These new applications are giving people a platform to create on, from students to teachers, and ultimately creating more engaging and hands on experiences. The eBook app, which is part of Pages and is called Digital Books in new iOS parlance, allows users to create multimedia books just as they would create regular documents. The app also supports group editing and multiple templates allow you to flow images and text into the app seamlessly.

The company also unveiled a new feature in its learn-to-code app Swift Playgrounds, that will help teach a younger generation of iOS developers how to build AR-enabled apps. Now Apple wants to encourage novice developers to get into AR, too.  The app ships with several basic coding lessons and challenges with a more graphical and engaging interface. It’s also distributed as an iPad app.

“It’s clear that Apple is making a serious push toward gamifying the classroom,” reported Matias Rodriguez, VP of Technology Gaming Studio at Globant. It’s great to see how technology can be used to facilitate learning and create an enriching environment for students to build new skills in a way that also gets them excited.

It will be interesting to see how AR and VR will play a role in these new technologies given the potential for them to further enhance training and provide opportunities to learn in a new environment.  “Putting forth the ARKit, will enable kids to learn by doing, rather than just getting information thrown at them,” concluded Rodriquez.

Apple has been present in the University ecosystem for a long time. But Google’s Chrome Book has 60% of this sector according to TechCrunch. Apple must reenergize their play and apps may be the way.

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