Boards Must Consider Human Factors in the Recruiting Process

Boards are grappling with understanding shifts not only in the digital arena, but also in the very human dimension of what they do, according to Susan Stautberg, co-founder and global co-chair of WomenCorporateDirectors (WCD).

“Who their customers are, how to attract the talent they want, and who the competitors are for both — these are the kinds of issues that surfaced around this year’s proxy season and in the conversations among directors outside formal board meetings,” she says.

“We’ve seen that, for boards, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a complex technology issue that challenges directors the most. Boards are having to shift their thinking around people and engagement, but the good news is that discussions around these can spark real change.”

Recruiting, especially, is changing. Within the next 20 years, 100 million educated workers are expected to move into cities globally.

“As companies are thinking about whom they are going to recruit into their workforce, it’s important for them, and for governments, to look at what the life-work facilities are for families,” says KPMG’s Nancy Calderon, a WCD member. “Features such as child care and health care near your place of work can make a real difference in workers’ lives, and particularly women’s lives.”

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