CONTENT: Broad Approach to Market-Specific Materials

CONTENT: Broad Approach to Market-Specific Materials

Mindsy offers a broader type of content rather than market-specific materials that focus on the learning needs of a particular audience. With everything from academics to art instruction, Mindsy is looking at reaching anyone who needs online video-based content.

Currently, the catalog of titles is broken down into categories such as technology, business, design, arts and photography, health and fitness, lifestyle, personal growth, math and science, languages, music, crafts and hobbies, sports, games, and its broader category, simply called “Other.”

What makes Mindsy so interesting is that it openly admits that this level of content is available elsewhere, but that it is often available for a fee that equates to one video module costing users the same amount as an unlimited month of instruction. By aggregating content from across a variety of fields, Mindsy hopes to lure users in with the implicit value of a subscription versus pay-as-you-go.

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