Virtual Reality Helps Solve People Problems

SIMmersion uses PeopleSim technology to create virtual reality simulations of people in a wide range of difficult interpersonal situations, such as suicide interventions, criminal investigations, performance evaluations, sales calls and more. The company uses its advanced software and authoring tools to create a completely different training product: an intelligent tutor, which is a computerized coach that supports users as they learn.

Many of the PeopleSim features, supported by powerful authoring tools, are ideally suited to the needs of intelligent tutor systems. The technology combines unique non-branching logic and a simulated emotional model to replicate unpredictable on-screen characters with all the complexities of real behavior.

Competency Guide Topic Is Managing Change

BizLibrary has added a fourth How-To Competency Development Guide — “Managing Change” — to its product line.

According to a study by College for America, 71 percent of employers prefer developing existing employees into management roles rather than hiring new employees — but the lack of promotable skills is a major hurdle. The easiest way to target employee skill development is through competency-based training.

Change management and adaptability are emerging as critical competencies for both organizations and leaders in this highly complex and rapidly changing marketplace. Agile and adaptable organizations are more prepared to meet the challenges posed by this environment than organizations that do not work to increase their capacity for improvement and change.

Staying Current On Critical I.t. Skills’s new I.T. training category features more than 100 courses aimed at helping businesses and individuals stay current on critical I.T. skills. Taught by expert instructors, course topics include hardware infrastructure, network administration, business intelligence, content management, help desks and Big Data.

This product line features:

>>  Enterprise content management systems – Share information smoothly among teams with the help of’s expanded SharePoint courses for super-users, administrators and designers, and training on hosted services like and Dropbox.

>>  Data science – The need for data analytics for business insight is growing. Topics range from simply learning to get more out of Excel to learning how to create beautiful visualizations with data or going deep into code with analytical languages.

Giving Leaders The Knowledge To Lead

Skillsoft’s Leadership KnowledgeCenter enables hands-on learning, providing best-in-class courses and books plus an array of resources designed and chosen to challenge and motivate every learner on corporate teams. This one-stop portal allows learners access to a diverse array of information, including articles, courses, video-rich leadership vignettes and online books specifically chosen by Skillsoft’s subject-matter experts to facilitate learning regardless of skill level.

The Leadership KnowledgeCenter provides resources for:

>>  Employees learning about leadership

>>  Employees applying leadership

>>  Employees supporting leaders

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