Digital Education Trends for 2015

Digital Education Trends for 2015

As learning becomes more student-centered, a number of digital education trends will continue to grow in K-12 education in 2015, according to Tanya Roscorla of the Center for Digital Education.  Most focus on the student. Here are Roscorla’s top five:

1) Personalized learning — Creating digital learning environments that are tailored to students’ individual needs, skill levels and interests, creating multiple pathways to learn

2) Competency-based education — Lets students create knowledge, analyze a situation and produce evidence of their learning

3) Digital learning outcomes — Including the expectation by educators of more hard facts about whether students learn better with things like digital content or online courses

4) Digital course access — About 11 states now allow students to take individual online courses from charter schools instead of having to sign up for a state or district online school

5) Blended and digital learning adoption at the local level — More local school districts and schools are adopting digital learning such as online courses

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